Saturday, January 31, 2009

More Q&A With Kathy Dawson

Q: Do you have a preference when it comes to point of view?

A: She's favors a single point of view within one book. She gravitates toward first person POV in the manuscripts she works on.

Q: When you're passionate about a book, how many times out of 10 do you get that book contrated.

A: 10

Q: How can a first-time author can promote a first book?

A: An the very least, have a website. Talk to marketing department for tips on promotion. Go on facebook. Visit local bookstore and sign copies. Those are the basics. Beyond that, keep in communication with your marketing department to let them know you'll do whatever it takes. School visits are imporatant for a lot of authors as well.

Q: Are simultaneous submission OK?

A: She's fine with sim subs. It generally depends on the editor. You should mention in your cover letter that you've sent it to other houses.

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