Saturday, January 31, 2009

More From Scott Piehl

Disney editors work in New York City; most of the rest of the company is in White Plains, so once a week the editors take a train to the White Plains offices to meet and talk about projects. The have both acquisitions meetings and cover concept meetings.

He's talking about a meeting room called the creative suite with ever-rotating art from Disney projects (covers, etc.) and much comfy furniture.

Scott likes many different kinds of art. He's really interested in quality--work that can compete with the level of quality he's seeing face out in a bookstore.

How to submit? He prefers postcards. He recommends picking 3, 5, 7 samples of your best work and sending those pieces to art directors--but research first. Pick a publishers to target who would be a good fit for your work. Get catalogs, attend the BookExpo America if you can manage to get into it.

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