Saturday, January 31, 2009

More From Richard Jackson

Richard read from a couple more books and articles. It's really not material I can sum up well on a blog post. You have really have to be here and experience his talk.

He urges readers to go on journeys, give yourselves challenges. You are artists, he says. Delete at will but make copies of your work. You never know what gem you'll find in your drawer down the road.


  1. thanks alice wish i was there but this was great

  2. I have been lucky enough to attend both the Writer's Intensives on Friday as well as the conference (it is actually my very first SCBWI conference).

    Mr. Jackson's talk was elegant and heartfelt and loaded with a deep love for his field. He was obviously not loving the spotlight - seeming to be a fiercly private/deeply intelligent man. But, his respect for the written word shined through so very brightly.

    It was an honor to hear him speak.

  3. I am trying to remember the exact words and find the source for one of Richard Jackson's quotes...
    It was toward the end of his talk... something about poetry being a higher art than the acquisition and manipulation of matter...

    Did anyone take better notes?