Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jay Keeps Winning (and Dressing Up)

But he got sidetracked by another idea (which I will not describe in this space--you really have to see it in person).

He submitted to another contest, for which Chris Crutcher was the judge. And he won (and ended up later getting a blurb from him for his book cover).

Were moving up a couple of years. He was getting discouraged. It was getting not fun anymore. So he started his blog, with his writer friends Robin and Eve, Disco Mermaids--and again he getting noticed.

He was finishing up Thirteen Reasons Why, and feeling like he the world's most successful unpublished writer. He almost quit.

Finally, he got not one, but two offers on the same day. The rest is New York Times Bestseller List History. He encourages everyone to not give up on their dreams.


  1. Alice, you're doing a wonderful job keeping up with this! It almost makes up for not being able to go this year. :)

  2. Such an inspiring story! I'm only about 15 months into this crazy ride. I will remember Jay's story when I feel like giving up.