Saturday, January 31, 2009

More Q&A With Jennifer Rees

Q: Is she competitive with other editors? Do they pass manuscripts to other editors.

A: She's says there are a reason that there are different at publishers--they have their own flavors. Considering other editors' workloads, she would actually pass a manuscript along to someone else, but she's mention to the writer that they should consider subbing to someone else at Scholastic who may be more appropriate.

Q: Can I submit more than one picture book manuscript at a time.

A: no.

Q: Will she accept electronic submissions?

A: She will not. It's a lot more work for her and she's got limited time to devote to submissions, so having a printed manuscript is more efficient.

Q: What percentage of submissions does she contract?

A: She edits 10-15 a year out of--a lot--that comes in.

Q: Does she prefer working with agents?

A: She says working with an agents allows her to get you response faster.

Q: Why does she do conference?

A: She loves to connect with writers. It inspires her to do a better job and reminds her how important SCBWI is. A lot of newer agents and editors do a higher volume.

Q: Can you submit the same manuscript to two imprints at the same house at the same time?

A: No.

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