Saturday, August 5, 2023

Tips To Turn Up Book Promotions That Reach Teachers and Librarians with Alice Faye Duncan


Alice Faye Duncan
is a National Board Educator, who writes books for young learners. Her latest titles include This Train is Bound for Glory, Coretta's Journey, Traveling Shoes, and Yellow Dog Blues--a 2022 NYT/NYPL Best Illustrated Children's Book. You can find out more info about Alice at, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Alice says that there are fewer book reviews being published these days, but she said there are other ways to introduce books to teachers and librarians.

If you want a successful kidlit creator career, it's in our best interests to find ways to connect with educators and librarians. Alice says it makes a big difference.

Just a few of Alice's suggestions:

Join state and local school library associations. Alice suggests picking three states near you or your state and two states tied to your book in some way. She suggested researching the AASL.

If you're a member, you'll have more opportunities to let other members know about your upcoming books, possibly resulting in speaker invitations. 

Join state and local literacy associations. Alice gave an example of the International Literacy Association. As a result, Alice was invited to speak and promote upcoming books.

 Join Facebook Groups where teachers, librarians, and parents amplify children's books. Post helpful resources tied to your book and include your website link in your posts. "Always do more giving than taking."

IG Live: Follow Instagram influencers who are teachers, librarians and home school leaders. After connecting with them, organize IG Live Events. "Instagrammers are always looking for great content."

Contact school districts and make them aware of school visit opportunities. Prepare a set program and have a price set.'

Don't be afraid of contacting your publisher for "marketing collateral": teacher guides, bookmarks, ARCs for book and library influencers, conference sponsorships. Your publisher may not offer, so Alice encourages us to be proactive and ask. "They might say no...but they night say YES."

"Be bold, brave, and benevolent," encourages Alice, calling these the Be-Attitudes.

Full of energy and enthusiasm, Alice shared so many fantastic examples of ways that children's book creators can connect with educators and librarians in authentic ways. Thank you, Alice!


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