Sunday, August 6, 2023

Live Pitch-off!!!

Today many brave authors pitched their books to either an editor or agent. Each agent and editor then nominated an author who participating in their pitch roundtable to present their pitches live to the SCBWI headquarters staff to choose a winner. 

The pitch-off begins! 

Congrats to the finalists:

Blair Williamson

Jill Stuck

Lori Ubell

Paige Cohen

Susan C Williams

Jordan Wieban

Lori Kase

Brentom Jackson

Mal Malme

Carol McAfee

Wow! What amazing pitches. The judges acknowledge that this is going to be such a difficult choice. As viewers of this pitch-off, there is so much to takeaway about what makes a good pitch and how to pitch. 

And while we wait for deliberations, we get the treat of listening to replay of Kwame Alexander in conversation with Raúl the Third. 

Drum roll please....

The winner is...


And two honors have also been chosen: Brentom Jackson and Mal Malme

Congratulations to all! (You can see all the love and support flying at the corner of the screen.)

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