Sunday, February 1, 2009

Premiere of SCBWI Master Class: Tomie dePaola

Lin Oliver is introducing the first two master classes now available on DVD. The first class is with Tomie dePaola On Creating the Picture Book.

Robert Sabuda is introducing Tomie's master class. (Note to self: Tomie and Robert collaborated on a pop-up book. Remember to look for it.) Tomie is the illustrator he most admired when he began his interest in working on picture books.

Now we watch...


  1. Wow, there is so much great information this morning!

    I have Tomie's pop-up book. It's a Strega Nona pop-up, and it is truly a beautiful thing.

    I'm already making a note to buy Tomie's DVD. Is it available to the public or through SCBWI only?

  2. Yes, great blog. We met Mr. dePaola at a signing in November and bought 4 copies of this amazing pop-up book It's truly an amazing piece of hold-able, readable art. He was wonderful, especially when we raved about one of his very early books, PANCAKES FOR BREAKFAST. Our copy is literally falling apart as we've looked at it so often.

  3. Wooo hooo!!! Thanks for this blog about the conference. I so wanted to go this year, but couldn't. Maybe next year (hope to meet you then!). I'm glad to see they're offering the Master Class on DVD. I've often felt left out since I couldn't attend the SCBWI conferences in LA where Tomie did the classes in person. This is fantastic news.
    Gonna find that Tomie pop-up -- I didn't know it existed til now.

  4. Have been a devoted fan of Tomie's for decades. (NEVER MIND how many!) I wish he lived next door!!! I hope he will come to the Summer Conference.