Sunday, February 1, 2009

First Question for Panel: Large vs. Small Agencies

Lin Oliver (reading question from the audience): What do you thing the advantages and disadvantages from smaller vs. larger agencies?

Michael B: There are 8 people at his agency. The advantage of a small agency is the personal attention you can get. There's discussion and collaboration possible. He handles all his own clients without assistants and interns. We have a personal touch and a different philosophy.

Edward: If you get him as an agent, you get him. He tries to read everything that comes accross his desk. The advantage of a larger agency--fully functioning film/TV/stage dept. inhouse. The more proliferation of choices, there's more opportunity for writers to find the right fit. Interview your agent, he recommends.

Allyssa: About 35 people at Trident. One great things about being part of big agency is that since she has a full audio and foreign dept., it frees us her time to devote to her clients. Also, they don't use sub-agents for foreign deals in most territories.

Michael S: At Firebrand he is the dedicated foreign rights person. The great thing about a small agency is that everyone in the office is weighing in. They are all editorially minded and do a lot of editorial work. They pool their wisdom.

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