Monday, February 2, 2009

Jarrett's Conference Video

As promised here is a link to Jarrett Krosoczka's start-studded and highly entertaining video which he played for the SCBWI conference-goers. Enjoy!


  1. This was my first conference, and it was amazing. I came home and told my 9 year old son, Ben all about the Lunch Lady, and I read my 5 year old, Baghead. Yep, we're new fans.

  2. Felt a little cheated by Jarrett's song to himself. It was obvious that his attention was as much on how he'd appear in blogs as being present to the audience who had spent time and money to be there. This is the downside of technology. He didn't inspire, which the older speakers did so well.

  3. Thanks for posting this... Jarret's light hearted and incredibly well done video touched on the highs and lows of the industry in such an entertaining way!

  4. I LOVED THIS!! I was just raving about it to our Learning Enrichment teacher.

    I'll show it to her tomorrow.

  5. Thats so funny! I found this through a friends blog in New Zealand. We are organising a Childrens Book Writing and Illustration conference here for September and possibly no-one will screen a full on video about the angst of getting that book out, it has me thinking about other humour beasts to unleash in the lions den.
    cheers Alice- fab blog!