Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jack Gantos Wrapping Up

You are ultimately expressing the best you can do when you write regardless of what kind of literature you are writing, he says. Don't try to steer yourself to the market. You really need to love the book you write. You want "that human special sauce" all over you book.

As writers, he says, we all know we've got more in common than not in common: love books, great readers, your want to stand on the shoulder of all the great books that came before you and add to those books. And you want to get that book in the hand of the readers you've chosen.

Get it done, he says. "I want to see you in print," he says "because I'm tired of reading my own work."


  1. He was fantastic!! I love his sense of humor- and his stories were so damn funny.

    He was very inspiring.

  2. I'm doing my best to get out globally, and I'm now getting more involved at reading at different events. From a simple children author of a small town called Concord, Ca. 30 miles from San Francisco. Want a good read? head on over too my Blog.
    Parents save for rainy days, or pick a bed time story. I write for the ages of 5 on up.

    Good luck luck this year to all, and let's those children happy, William Sawyers

  3. Jack Gantos was an engaging speaker. His love of literature and storytelling was inspiring. My 9yr. old daughter loves Joey Pigza---just gave her 2 more as a valentine...what better way to spread the love of books!