Saturday, July 8, 2017

Tammi Sauer: Picture Book Writing Secrets - Revealed!

Tammi Sauer is the author twenty-nine picture books. Yes...29!!!

What could be better than a rollicking read aloud by Tammi Sauer of Princess in Training.

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Cue Tammi reading with flair and laughter and learning as Tammi gives examples from her many picture books. Take a look at the tips and identify them in Tammi's books (or others that are your favorites).


1. Read.
2. Create a character we care about.
3. Give the character a problem or a conflict.
4. Create tension.
5. Use the rule of 3s.
6. Use words that sing.
7. Show, don't tell.
8. Amp up the heart and the humor.
9. Don't forget the illustrator.
10. Add a hook.
11. Choose a title that pops.
12. Revise, revise, revise.

Biggest secret of all: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

To cap off the session, with audience participation, Tammi's book MOSTLY MONSTERLY is acted out for the crowd.

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And here's a handful of those 29 picture books...

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