Friday, July 7, 2017

Ruta Sepety's "Between Shades Of Gray" Becomes A Movie, "Ashes In The Snow"

left to right: author Ruta Sepetys, editor Jonathan Dillon, and director Marius Markevicius

In this special sneak peek, Ruta and the film's director, Marius Markevicius, and the film's editor, Jonathan Dillon, share two scenes from the film (just for us!) and then speak about the adaptation process.

Some highlights:

"The editing process is the final re-write." - Jonathan Dillon

Marius speaks of the "Massive narrative compression" involved in taking a book and making it a movie.

They discuss Ruta's involvement, how the film was shot 100% in Lithuania, the international cast of actors, how extras would come up to the filmmakers during the shooting and share that they were in Siberia, that the story had personal resonance for them, too.

"Through characters and story, history becomes human." - Ruta Sepetys

The film goes to film festivals this fall, and they're looking for a theatrical release in 2018.

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