Friday, July 7, 2017

Chris Eboch's workshop on Earning a Living As A Writer

Chris in a #LA17SCBWI conference moment

Chris Eboch is the author of over forty books for children, including nonfiction and fiction, early reader through teen. Her novels for ages nine and up include The Eyes of Pharaoh, a mystery in ancient Egypt; The Well of Sacrifice, a Mayan adventure; The Genie’s Gift, a middle eastern fantasy; and the Haunted series, about kids who travel with a ghost hunter TV show, which starts with The Ghost on the Stairs. Her writing craft books include Advanced Plotting and You Can Write for Children: How to Write Great Stories, Articles, and Books for Kids and Teenagers. Learn more at

In this workshop, Chris speaks about all the different ways writers can make money, touching on book packagers, the balance of projects, and how you can write for credits, for money, or for love… but rarely can you do all three in one project!

Chris walks us through ten different categories of working writers, and best practices for breaking in –and breaking out – in each.

Trade Publishers
  most of us think about Trade publishing, but it's not where most writers for kids make their income…

There's also

Work for Hire Nonfiction
  track your research!

Work for Hire Fiction
  like Ghost writing, and TV show tie-ins

  "very hard to make money" at this

Writing for Magazines for children
  consider smaller magazines that don't get the thousands of submissions of the bigger name titles

Magazines for writers and other grown-ups
  for teachers, for librarians, for parents

  live classes, conferences, webinars

School Visits
  How will kids benefit from your being there?

  She charges a per page rate

  like test passages and questions, curriculum, and lesson plans

A great, very practical session!

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