Sunday, February 13, 2022

Sunday Illustrator Sessions and Illustrated Notes From #SCBWIWinter22

Today's Illustrator sessions focused on SETTING, how to build a believable world that amplifies the story arc and reflects your characters' physical and emotional journey. After an intro from Sarah Baker, Laurent Linn, and Cecilia Yung, we heard from illustrators Juana Martinez-Neal, Victoria Tentler-Krylov and Victo Ngai.  Thanks to ASL interpreters Jodi Raffoul, Jennye Kamin and Emma for their help with this session.

With Juana Martinez-Neal, we explored historical and cultural settings.

Juana Martinez-Neal's studio

With Victoria Tentler-Krylov, we explored urban and architectural settings.

Cover of Sanctuary by Victoria Tentler-Krylov

With Victo Ngai, we explored imaginative and enhanced settings.

Victo Ngai showing art

After we heard from these three amazing illustrators, there was a lively Q&A panel with Juana, Victoria and Victo, moderated by Pat Cummings.

Thanks to artist attendees who have been posting some of their illustrated session notes with the conference hashtag #SCBWIWinter22! You can see a selection of illustrated notes from Friday and Saturday in this blog post. Here is a selection from sessions today:

Melanie Bryce tweet about Settings Loading

Lynnor Bontigao's sketch of Juana Martinez-Neal

Lauren Foster-Macleod's sketch

Amy Leigh Starr's illustrated doodle of herself

Inspirational quote from Victo Ngai

And one more #SCBWIBird, from Haley Grunloh. The hashtag is being used by first-timers at the conference; see Jolie Stekly's excellent Newcomers' Orientation for details.
Haley Grunloah's SCBWIBird

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