Sunday, February 13, 2022

Portfolio Showcase Winners and Other Illustrator Awards

Congrats to all the illustrator award winners at this year's conference! Special thanks to Priscilla Burris (Portfolio Showcase Director), TeMika Grooms (U.S. Illustrator Coordinator) and Dana Carey (Global Illustrator Coordinator); do read our recent Behind The Scenes At The SCBWI Winter Conference Portfolio Showcase post for more info and others who help put the Showcase together.

Note to all illustrators: do reach out to your Regional Illustrator Coordinators to ask about local portfolio events. You can find out more about SCBWI's Awards and Grants for illustrators here.

See the previous blog post for info about the other award announcements about other scholarship winners and the 2022 Spark Award winners.

Narrative Art Award Winner: 

Narrative art award winner: Drucilla Santiago

Druscilla Santiago - Personal website -  Instagram

Student Illustrator Scholarship Winners:

Student Illustrator Scholarship winners: Tsae Yung (Kelly) Wu and Elena Aguirre Uranga

Elena Aguirre Uranga - Personal website
Tsae Yung (Kelly) Wu - Personal website - Instagram

Portfolio Showcase Honor Awards:

Porfolio Showcase Honor Awards: Druscilla Santiago, Heegyum Kim

Druscilla Santiago - Personal website -  Instagram
Heegyum Kim - Personal website - Instagram - Twitter - Etsy

Portfolio Showcase Grand Prize Awards:

Grand Prize winners: Shamar Knight-Justic, Brizida Magro

Shamar Knight-Justice - Personal website - Instagram
Brizida Margo - Personal website - Instagram

Sarah Baker chatting with Grand Prize winners

Congrats to all the winners!

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