Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Let's draw together!

Attending my friends' wedding on Zoom
 Zoom events can be very exciting!

Hi! I'm Susie Ghahremani, and I'm so happy to be back on Team Blog as we go virtual! (See also: attending my friends' wedding, pictured here)

I don’t know about you, but I'm spending a LOT of time on Zoom lately. I'm loving the fantastic #SCBWIDigitalWorkshops, but I’m tired of typing — so I’m bringing something a little more visual to the blog this year.

I’ve got my coffee and tea, my pens, notebook, sketchbook, a roll of newsprint, pencils, paints, markers, crayons,… 

I’m bringing some visual note-taking to the blog this year with pages from my sketchbook or iPad. 

I encourage you to draw along with me and get creative with your note-taking as well. It's a great way to take home your favorite ideas from the conference!

Taking some visual notes in my sketchbook
Bring your beverage of choice and your sketchbooks to join me!

You can find more from me during the conference and beyond by finding me on Twitter or Instagram @boygirlparty, or on my website at

There are so many events I'm looking forward to, including Philip Pullman's opening keynote, the conversation between Jacqueline Woodson and Nancy Paulsen, the Illustrator's Virtual Portfolio Show, and the fact that the marvelous Cecilia Yung has finally joined Twitter

(Also, that I can attend in PJs.)

Please note: many events and socials are visible on the conference schedule to attendees only. Log in to download your attendee materials with the full schedule at: 

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