Saturday, February 10, 2024

Welcome with Sarah Baker, SCBWI Executive Director

 Welcome and welcome back! 

Sarah Baker, SCBWI Executive Director kicks off the conference with a WONDERFUL welcome!

There were hundreds of members smiling back at her as we all came together once again for the SCBWI In-Person Winter Conference.

The Industry party was back and in full effect. The ballroom was packed with so many industry professionals. They were thrilled to be there and were impressed by the portfolios they saw. 

Congratulations to all the illustrators who participated. It takes hard-work and courage to put your work in the showcase and it was the highlight of the Industry party.

Introduce yourself!

People from all over the world are in attendance! We have Council Members from Australia, Taiwan, the UK and Nigeria. SCBWI is an abundant community and there’s a lot of people to meet and a lot of great opportunities to connect with leadership, and staff members at SCBWI.

Don’t forget to introduce yourself to your RT (Regional Team leader). SCBWI has chapters all over the world with a vibrant community near you! They are ROCKSTARS, and are really important people to know in this organization.

There are so many great sessions and opportunities to learn, grow and meet new members this year!

Here is the LINK to the SCHEDULE! Join the socials, come to the Networking party and take LOTS OF NOTES during your Creative Labs!

REMEMBER, you’re in a very supportive and welcoming group. There is no competition here. You are surrounded by people who are rooting for you!

“Take advantage while we are in person. Look to your right, look to left, you might meet your critique partner!” 

Leave everything at the door.

Get completely immerse. 

Turn off and tune in. 

DRINK water and take a stroll when you need a moment to breathe.

And remember, you took a step toward your goals and that is such an amazing accomplishment.

There can NEVER be enough children’s books in the world!

If you post anything during the conference, don’t forget to use the social media hashtag: #scbwiNY24 so we can connect with you!


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