Friday, February 9, 2024

Portfolio Showcase / Industry Party


The 2024 In-Person Winter Conference is here and we started it off with the Industry Party! With the portfolios as the centerpiece of the party, the excited industry professionals poured over them! And what a SELECTION! 

There were over 100 portfolios submitted. All styles in all genres. As a fellow illustrator who submitted my own portfolio, it was a sight to see and it warmed my heart to see how the work displayed really sparked inspiration, conversation and excitement! My smile grew as the postcards depleted!

To all those who submitted, congratulations! Having prepared a portfolio myself, it is a great feat to finish one and put it out there! Vulnerability is your superpower! I know I was sweating as I handed mine over but what I learned from last year’s Portfolio Showcase to this year’s was:

  • Be proud of yourself and work
  • Trust the process
  • Plan ahead in case you need to revise
  • Curate your art space
  • Find how your PRACTICE meets DISCIPLINE to facilitate GROWTH
  • Be kind
  • Lean into your flaws
  • Take breaks

I was deeply inspired by what I saw and I can’t wait until we all find a home to tell our stories through our art!

Here are some of my FAVORITE portfolios!

If you post anything during the conference, ESPECIALLY those notebook doodles, don’t forget to use the social media hashtag: #scbwiNY24 so we can connect with you!

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