Saturday, February 8, 2020

Connections and Community at the Equity & Inclusion Evening Social

The Equity & Inclusion Social was all about being seen, understood, and as organizer, Adria Quinones said, “loved.”

Adria Quinones speaking to a circle of attendees and faculty.

From the start, the circle of inclusion grew larger and larger as people introduced themselves and welcomed each other—new members and SCBWI’s longtime family. 

The room reflected what many there said they hoped to continue to see at SCBWI conferences: one overflowing with diverse voices and experiences. 

Along with coming together as a larger group, there was also time for smaller group connections. A definite energy was present in the room, fueled by laughs, smiles, and shared hopes for SCBWI’s future. 

Smaller roundtable discussions.

The mission of the evening was for people to walk away feeling heard. 
Feeling respected. 
And feeling supported. 
And from the looks of things, that mission was definitely accomplished. 

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