Saturday, August 6, 2022

Translators' Zoom Social, hosted by Avery Fischer Udagawa #scbwiSummer22

Did you know that the SCBWI has a member category for Translators? Children deserve to explore their whole planet through books, and translators bring them books written in many languages, in many places. Like writers and illustrators, translators work as independent, creative contractors who benefit from networking, professional development, and a supportive community. 

We had about thirty attendees; the shot above includes those who were okay with turning on their video for the group photo. 

Thanks to the translators for welcoming me to their Translators' Zoom Social tonight even though I'm not a translator. After Avery talked about useful translator resources and translation news, attendees introduced themselves. So many different languages and translation projects going on! Everyone was super-friendly and welcoming.

Sadly, Nanette McGuinness was unable to join us as speaker, but everyone sent her best wishes:

I asked host Avery Fischer Udagawa for resources where people could find out more about translation, and here are just a few:

Translation in SCBWI - "A great place for translators to check out resources and ways to connect."

SCBWI Podcast: The Art Of Translation with Laura Watkinson - "The first episode of the SCBWI Podcast featuring a translator has aired, featuring Laura Watkinson."

"Translators have been among this year’s co-bloggers with Lee Wind at SCBWI The Blog, including myself back in March and Lawrence Schimel in June (here are posts with the label "Translation" on the blog). Regional blogs have also been offering meaty translation content."

Some examples:

A Conversation With Translator Takami Nieda - SCBWI Japan Translation Group

Translation: Claire Storey -Words & Pictures, The SCBWI British Isles Online Magazine

"In industry news, a reminder that the ALSC will now require naming the translator on the cover page, and ideally on the cover, of books considered for the Batchelder Award!"

Batchelder Award Criteria Change: Name The Translator

Revisions to Batchelder Award Aim To Raise Recognition Of Book Translators

"Finally, September, World Kid Lit Month, is a time to celebrate translations for children/teens and is fast approaching! Nanette McGuinness will co-blog with Lee Wind at SCBWI: The Blog during #WorldKidLitMonth."

Avery Fischer Udagawa grew up in Kansas and studied English and Asian Studies at St. Olaf College in Minnesota. She holds an MA in Advanced Japanese Studies from The University of Sheffield. She has studied at Nanzan University, Nagoya, on a Fulbright Fellowship, and at the Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies, Yokohama. She writes, translates, and works in international education near Bangkok, where she lives with her bicultural family. She serves as SCBWI and SCBWI Japan Translator Coordinator. Find her on Twitter: @AveryUdagawa.

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