Monday, May 11, 2015

Shannon Hale interviewed by Martha Brockenbrough: The #LA15SCBWI Pre-Conference Interview

Check out this great discussion between SCBWI Team Blog's Martha Brockenbrough and best-selling and award-winning author Shannon Hale.

Shannon shares from the heart why she's taken a stand against gender bias in our culture and especially our books. Here's just a taste:

"If I make one change in the world, I hope it's getting more people to question why boys are shamed for/kept away from reading books about girls. The more we question the idea that it's normal and natural and fine, the more we'll realize it's not and things will slowly start to change."
–Shannon Hale

Shannon will be giving a Sunday keynote address "Opening Up The Clubhouse: Boys, Girls, and Genderless Books." She will also be leading a Sunday afternoon workshop, "Writing With Kids: The Marvelous High Wire Act of Writer Parents" and a half-day intensive workshop on Monday, "Building Worlds From The Dust."

Here's the description of that intensive:

E. Shannon Hale – Building Worlds from the Dust

There's nothing like creating a whole new world inside your fantasy or science fiction novel. We'll examine other fictional worlds and discuss tricks and tips to building your own. Assignment: Come with a page or two describing the fictional world of your work-in-progress and be prepared to discuss some of your favorite world-built novels.

Many of the intensives have already sold out, but there's still space as of this writing in others, including Shannon's.

You can find out all the conference details and register here.

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  1. This is quite a good interview. Earlier I wasn’t inclined to be part of this conf but after reading what she said in this interview made me to change my mind. I was wondering how spacious meeting rooms will be as I am thinking to be a part of it but then will it be helpful at all for a person like me?