Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pre-#LA12SCBWI Interview with Jill Corcoran

Martha Brockenbrough chats with her agent, Jill Corcoran, about Jill's conference advice, search for romance, and stick-it-out inspiration.  They even share a SCBWI Success story (Robin Mellom) and it's all really sweet and you-can-do-it (You can!) wonderful.

Go check it out!

Jill will be giving a Friday morning workshop "Choosing Clients, Agenting their Work and the Evolving Market", will be on the Sunday morning Agents Panel "Realizing Your Creative Dreams:  What the Publishing World Can Offer You," and will speak at the Monday morning Writers Intensive Agents Panel, "A Morning With 9 Agents!"

You can hear and meet Jill in person and learn from her (and the rest of the amazing SCBWI Summer Conference faculty) ... and to do that you'll need to be there yourself.  You can still register for #LA12SCBWI here!

Illustrate and Write On,

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  1. I so want to be there, I'm turning green! Maybe I'll meet y'all at the next one ...
    Have fun!