Sunday, February 4, 2018

Jane Yolen on Revising / Re-Visioning Your Writing Life

Jane gives us "a peppy talk" about revising and re-visioning our creative lives as writers and illustrators.

"Every year, create something new.

Don't settle in your art.

Even if the selling slows down (and we all have those times) try something new.

You are a creator. So create. Re-create.

Try something new."

She offers us some tips she uses, including how reading "everything" inspired three new book ideas for her, and how at least once a year, she goes back through her files; "Nothing an author or illustrator does is never lost. ...A creative person's garbage can does not take in garbage - it's a compost heap."

With brilliance and heart, Jane Yolen mentors every one of us in the audience.

Her final gift to us are these words:
"Make wings. And fly somewhere new."

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  1. Oh, I love this summary/post. I admire Jane Yolen's productivity and inspirational outlook.