Friday, August 7, 2009

Words, Words, We'll Show You OURS - You Show Us Yours!

So in the grand tradition of SCBWI LA's Conference, the faculty are parading past, sharing their names and ONE word.

A word for everyone to identify with them for the next four days.

A word of intent - to focus your conference experience.

A word that's just plain fun to say!

Here's a mini- parade of SCBWI Team Blog and OUR words:

We've shown you ours - tell us YOURS in comments!

posted by Lee Wind


  1. ENVIOUS!(but not bitterly, honest!)

  2. Woo hoo! Great words. Thanks so much for the video!

  3. Jaime's delivery had a hint of zombie in it.

    My word: Envious.

  4. Fantastic! My word is endoplasmic reticulum!!

  5. Ben, I was definitely channeling an undead uberdork just then.