Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer Conference Coverage Begins Soon!

SCBWI TEAM BLOG begins conference coverage this morning! The 38th Annual SCBWI Summer Conference kicks off at 9 a.m.!

TEAM BLOG--Jolie, Jaime, Lee, Paula, Suzanne and I--will be covering the event all day long, so whether you're attending the event or not, you can enjoy a taste of it from our perspective right here on the official blog. We'll be blogging live, posting during keynotes and breakouts as we are attending them. Excuse our typos, follow along, come back often, and let us know you're here--and leave comments if you have them!



  1. Bring it on! Can't wait! And before I forget: Thank you in advance, all six of you, for taking the time for this blog. I know it'll be the closest thing to being there...

  2. Looking forward to hearing about this year's wonderful conference. Hope to be there next year!

  3. Facebook is full of envy-posts for those us not there; THIS is a gift, and I have a feeling will be a fun and humorous one. Thank You Very Mucho.

  4. Wouldn't it be GREAT if there was a teleconference option to attend the SCBWI conference? There could be a lower price, and limited access, and Soooo many of us would sign up in a heart beat. I'm a dreamer...