Friday, August 7, 2009

Greenhouse Agent Sarah Davies: "Writing (and selling) in the Global Marketplace"

SARAH DAVIES, "Writing (and selling) in the global marketplace"

Sarah Davies, founder of the Greenhouse Literary Agency, is having a great day. First of all, TODAY IS HER BIRTHDAY!!!! So please tell Sarah "Happy Birthday!" today!

Secondly, one of her clients' book submissions started getting a lot of attention from interested editors. It turns out last night during the faculty dinner, Sarah was receiving a ton of texts from editors about it. And there's nothing that makes an agent happier than multiple editors interested in their client's book! (I do remember seeing her busily text away on her cell phone during our dinner because I sat next to her!)

So clearly Sarah is having a WONDERFUL week in Los Angeles. :)

Her panel focused on how to write and sell in a global marketplace - and how her background reflects a global life because she is a London gal living in D.C. :)

She had a handout for everyone that detailed the business behind the global marketplace. Some highlights from her handout include:

-- "Why bother with other countries when the USA is so big? Income, prestige, profile of 'international property.' Biggest brands become bigger through foreign sales. Buzz, buzz! - the synergy of today's international marketplace."

-- "What work travels? Middle grade novels with strong home sales; YA with unique premise/voice. Also - ideas that can't be created as easily within foreign market; strong sales and wards back home; being one step ahead of a trend (eg, Potter/fantasy; Meyer/goth romance); filling gap in market; concepts/settings that transcend indivdual cultures."

She also listed advice on "Tips for writers on navigating international writers." One important tip stated, "Focus on the story only YOU can write - don't settle for poor craft or derivative storyline. If it's great, it'll find its market - wherever."

Every single panel, I have noticed, has been packed. Including Sarah's panel - the room was practically full, which reflects the increasing international membeship of SCBWI and also shows a strong interest in budding writers trying to find an audience not only at home but abroad. 

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