Friday, August 7, 2009

Marietta Zacker, continued

What kind of manuscripts does she want? The good ones.

Before you submit a manuscript, she says, you have to answer the very difficult question, who will share my passion. She wants authors who are exceptional at their craft and write with passion.

These days, it's harder and harder to get published without and agent, generally. "It's a definite team effort" between agents and editors. Editors and agents don't have secret, "we simply speak to each other" and agents pass on their authors' passion onto the editors.

Specifics about the industry: It's tough out there, but for different reasons than it was tough last year. Editors have less time, there is fewer staff, there's less money. But from her perspective, that's not what she thinks writers should concentrate on.


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  1. Marietta is my agent and she's absolutely the best agent I could have ever hoped for. I feel so lucky to have her representing me and my work. She is truly what every agent should be, not to mention she's incredibly smart and very funny!

    Hilary Wagner