Friday, August 7, 2009

Kathleen Duey - Rivets and Mist: How to Build a Novel

Don't neglect that initial spark. We can get so lost in craft (and all the things we’re told) but we lose the spark.

Duey's intent is to bend and blend genres. YA is one of the places this is happening.

Duey suggests that when you meet interesting people that have interesting jobs, write it down. Get their business card. Anybody you meet with a profession could be the source of your twist some day.

"There is a book in almost anything."

"Don’t lose site of artistic experiment."

“I have learned ways over time to not lose the spark as the wheels start to
grind…as I'm putting the rivets in to build the story.”

Duey says she does the following and suggest trying it: I don’t create characters. Instead, I first
interview people who are living the life like your characters.

"I don't create characters. I meet them."


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